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Effective 07/17/2023 we will be migrating our appointment system to Opendock. All appointments booked on the legacy system up until 07/17/2023 will be automatically transferred to the new system. Any appointment booked on or after 07/17/2023 will need to be booked via Opendock. See instructions Below.

Instructions to register for Opendock

Four Seasons Fresh Transport current appointment system is migrating to a new online appointment scheduling system called Opendock!  Carriers will now be able to schedule Inbound appointments for our warehouse and many others at www.opendock.com

It’s easy, you can schedule in less than 5 minutes by following these steps:

  • Go to www.opendock.com
  • Click “Register for FREE”
  • Enter your name and e-mail and create a password
  • Click the “Find Warehouse” button and search for “Four Seasons Fresh Transport
  • Click the Schedule button next to the correct location

After clicking the schedule button, you will be asked questions to help find an appointment for our facility.  Common questions are:

  • Load Type
  • PO#
  • Customer Name

After selecting your Load Type and choose your desired date and appointment time, fill in any other details and finalize the appointment.  It will be scheduled with the warehouse while sending you a confirmation e-mail with all necessary appointment details.


One username and one password for thousands of warehouses.  Eliminate the need to have usernames, passwords, and links for hundreds of different warehouse locations to schedule an appointment.

Visibility to all scheduled appointments across different companies and warehouse locations through a single view on the My Appointments page.

If you are a large carrier or brokerage booking hundreds or thousands of appointments per month with Opendock we also offer API integration.  This would allow your company to integrate Opendock into their TMS and schedule appointments directly without ever needing to leave your TMS.

Time To Book Your Appointment!

Four Seasons Fresh Transport is committed to protecting our employees, as well as those who frequent our transfer facility. A National Emergency has been declared by the President of the United States Of America. We are called upon as a Nation to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, while still preserving the logistical chain that is this Nation’s Lifeblood. A common theme reiterated by medical professionals is “Wash Your Hands”. 


Violations of any of the following may result in not being loaded and/or banned from our facility.

►Close Toes Shoes Must Be Worn At All Times In Our Facility.

►Safety Vests Must Be Worn At All Times In Our Facility.

►No Loud, Aggressive, Abusive or Disruptive Behavior

►Always Follow The Instructions of The Warehouse Staff

►Always Follow The Instructions of Site Security

►Follow All Social Distancing and COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

►Park Only In The Allowed Areas

►Never Block Fire Lanes

Loading Appointment Terms & Conditions

For Appointment Support Please Call 619-477-4010 Option 1


Drivers can only park in areas designated for Four Seasons Fresh Transport (See photo below, only park in yellow highlighted area). Drivers must follow the instructions of onsite security staff at all times. Failure to adhere to the parking rules and/or instructions of FSFT or Onsite Security staff will result in not being loaded.

►Cancellation Policy

Please let us know of a cancellation immediately. We cannot guarantee that your order will be cancelled prior to being pulled from the port. If your order has already been pulled you will be charged a storage fee of $75.00 / day for refrigerated and dry cargo and $100.00 / day for frozen cargo. Storage charges are not invoiced and must be paid prior to being loaded.

►No Show

If you are a “No Show”, you will be charged a storage fee of $75.00 / day for refrigerated and dry cargo and $100.00 / day for frozen cargo. Storage charges are not invoiced and must be paid prior to being loaded.

►Late Arrivals

We allow a 30 minute grace period after the appointment time for your driver to arrive. In the event your driver arrives after the 30 min grace period your appointment will be forfeited. Upon arrival your driver will be considered a work-in.

►Check In Process

Drivers must physically check in at the kiosk located inside of our facility. Drivers should park at the allowed parking located onsite and physically check-in. Phone check in times will not be considered when determining on-time status.

►Expected Loading Times

Our goal is to have your driver loaded within a reasonable time period of the scheduled appointment time. If your wait time exceeds 120 minutes from your appointment time please contact our trouble hotline at 310-515-1007 Ext. 771

►After Hours Loading

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM through 6:00 PM. If a carrier is late and requires us to stay open after 6:00 PM we charge $350.00 for the first hour and $100.00 every hour thereafter. If you require after hours loading please contact sdtransfer@fourseasonsft.com and call 619-785-3555